5 Traits of Healthy Ministry Leaders

Bible & coffee cup

As a ministry leaders, we minister from the inside out! This means that it is from our inner self that we truly minister to, lead, and love people. In other words, your doing as a minister comes out of your being (integrity, character, spiritual vitality, etc.). The problem is that many Christian ministry leaders today are unhealthy – emotional and spiritually! Here are seven traits of how healthy ministers nurture their hearts.

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7 Ways to Counteract a Negative Attitude

Negative Attitude

I don’t want to become a “grumpy old man”! I don’t want to be a sour old curmudgeon. I want to remain young at heart – even though my body is getting older. I want to look at life as the glass half-full. I want to remain positive. So, I’ve developed the following seven ways to help me not be critical and negative. I thought they were worth sharing and hope that they will be of benefit to you too.

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5 Ways Not to Be Freaked Out by Our Changing Society

Freaked Out

There is no doubt that the culture of the United States (and the world) is rapidly changing and, as Christians, many of the changes are very disheartening. As we see these changes happening, it is easy to get caught up in the anger, fear, and conflict. How can we keep from getting freaked out by and not sucked into this whirlwind of anger, fear, and distrust? Here are five ways that we shine like stars in the sky in the midst of the darkness?

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